Why BMW Owner Are Fanatics

Fanatically loyal, that is.

They buy a BMW because the car is a great idea. A perfectly practical family sedan and a superb sport car. All in one.

And the the longer they own it, the more enthusiastic they get. Because that great idea is such a great car.

Driving one is a very special exprerience. There is a responsiveness, a smoothness, a precise sureness, in the way a BMW handles that makes driving a real joy.

The car is fast, and incredibly rugged. And because of the sophisticated BMW suspension, it holds the road better than any other car we know of.

Yet for all that, performance is only the beginning. There is the dependability, and the comfort, and the roominess, and the economy.

There is the finish, and the craftsmanship, and the materials.

And most of all, there is the feeling that of all the machinery you may have driven, nothing was put together as beautifully as this.

So sure, BMW owners are fanatics. After all, the’ve got a lot going for them.

Last but not least, mutunya terjamin. 😀 [Red]

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